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President Yu Yongfa Honored“2010 China’s Excellent Entrepreneur”

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On the morning of May 23, 2010, Yu Yongfa, President of our group, was honored “’2010 China’s Excellent Entrepreneur” and awarded at the National Entrepreneurs Day & China Entrepreneur Annual Conference held in Changsha, Hunan province.

The conference was co-sponsored by China Enterprise Confederation (CEC), China Enterprise Directors Association (CEDA) and the People’s government of Hunan province.

In leading reform and development of their enterprises, the entrepreneurs who were awarded “2010 China’s Excellent Entrepreneur” by CEC and CEDA, carry out scientific outlook on development, lead all of their employees to endeavor in independent innovation, and have made great achievements in restructuring of their enterprises, enhancing management, technical progress, energy-saving and emission-reduction and transformation of development way. Especially during the impact brought about by the global financial crisis, they replied actively, made appropriate measures and obvious achievements. In terms of operation by following law and credibility, they are committed to their enterprises’ responsibility to society, build a harmonious society, and have played exemplary roles, and made outstanding contributions to Chinese socialist modernization drive. They are representatives, displaying spiritual outlook of Chinese modern entrepreneurs.

The National Entrepreneurs Day, which is held once a year, is a grand meeting of Chinese entrepreneurs, which has been successively held for seventeen times. CEC decided that from 2002 national excellent entrepreneurs are awarded at the conference. Among the whole of Anhui province, President Yu Yongfa is the only one who was awarded “2010 China’s Excellent Entrepreneur”.

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