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Group news

“Qingyi”-branded Industrial Solid Sodium Cyanide Selected as Anhui Top-class Product

Text: [Big] [middle][small] Release date: 2015-9-2  Views: 1088

Learnt from Anhui economic and information commission, the commission recently issued Anhui Top-class Product list, in which our group’s “Qingyi”-branded Industrial Solid Sodium Cyanide is listed with other six products from our city.

 In order to wholly enhance brand image, promote economic restructuring and optimization & upgrading and to further implement “Plan on three years (2015-2017)’ culturing of Anhui Top-class Products”, the commission conducted the above selection in the whole province.

 “Anhui Top-class Products” refer to products with proprietary intellectual property rights, high-tech, of good quality, possessing high reputations among users, and with good economic results and bright market prospects.