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In the long-term practice and development, Anhui Shuguang Chemical Group has formed its excellent enterprise culture philosophy with Shuguang characteristic. This philosophy embodies core values of the enterprise. It’s a soul of the enterprise management, a core of spirit uniting and inspiring all employees, and even more important resource of existence and development of the enterprise. 

Enterprise Spirit:

Unite, be enterprising, work in earnest and devote.

Enterprise Objective:

Seek for green chemical industry, to achieve healthy and harmonious development between the enterprise and its employees, between the enterprise and society and between the enterprise and environment.

Enterprise Prospective:

Explore actively development of recycling economy, making the major production scale larger and stronger, expanding upper-chain and lower-chain products.

Managerial Policies (HSE):

Develop the enterprise by relying on quality, which is participated by employees;

Manage the enterprise with high quality management and improve management continuously;

Abide by laws and regulations, so as to guarantee safety; and

Produce products in a cleaner way, so as to guarantee health.

Business Philosophy:

Meet customers’ requirements with high quality products and high quality service.

Safety Philosophy:

Safety is a life, economic benefit and brand.

Talent Philosophy:

Adhere to principle of seeking for a talent with both morality and ability. Take morality, knowledge, ability and achievement as main factors evaluating a talent.

Encourage every employee to make a contribution, and to become a talent.

Working Style:

With high quality and high efficiency, achieve achievements of the first class.